Shipping and Returns

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All orders will be sent to you using Australia Express Post  to ensure a speedy delivery.

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Returns and Refunds

Our handmade accessories are made to last a lifetime of regular use.  We've sourced Sterling Silver and ethically sourced clean sands to put together your favourite new fashion item. We personally make and inspect each item to make sure it's perfect when you get it, BUT, we are human so if the item fails because of a manufacturing defect, we'll absolutely replace it, if it's returned to us within a year of purchase. You pack up what you have, pay to get it to us, we'll refund you the return postage and get the replacement to you.  Please include a note inside the bag telling us what shape and what sand was inside.

Having said that, the glass will break if it gets a big enough impact or hits the ground hard. This is NOT covered under our warranty. Think of it this way. If you buy a pair of glass-lens sunglasses and drop them on the ground and the lens breaks, you will be off to buy a new pair. HOWEVER we offer free repair of the ring or pendant if you return the silver to us and bear the freight costs.

Would I give my ring to little kids to play with?  Not a chance! 

We also want you to choose carefully. We do our best to offer lots of photos and give you all the measurements of the jewellery. If you get your purchase and decide you just don't like it then that is your mistake, however if you would like to exchange it we can do that!  Simply return your purchase in the original packaging and original condition (make sure it's padded up), place a note inside the satchel bag explaining what you would like us to exchange it for PLUS a self addressed satchel bag for it's return.

Send to:-
Pure Sands Australia
18 Dun Street

Tewantin  QLD  4565

If you've got something we can help with, we'll definitely try to help. Send us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.  We want to be super fair and make your shopping experience with us amazing :)