About Us

The idea for Pure Sands was conceived by a couple living in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.  We had a vision to help protect our precious oceans and beaches and also to give people a beautiful, wearable memento of their favourite beach.

Our first step to beginning our venture was to obtain permission from a QLD State Government Department to take a small amount of sand per year from QLD beaches.  They saw no issue with this as is it is an abundant and often wasted commodity and granted us permission.   They saw that is would cause no impact on coastal processes.  The last thing we wanted was to take sand without getting a tick of approval from the powers to be. Their comment to us was that no one had ever asked them permission to take such a small amount of sand and were very thankful for the courtesy.

We then began our journey sourcing and making the components for our rings.  We wanted quality and materials that were kind to our environment.  All our bands are made from 925 sterling silver and topped with toughened glass.

We decided to donate $1 of every sale to the Surf Rider Organisation

Preserving our beaches and oceans is something we are also passionate about.

As we expand our range of beach accessories and forge links with other community groups we can help promote environmental awareness and protection.