Custom Designs

Do you have a favourite beach?  Maybe you visit every year or perhaps on the weekends.  You may even have some sand from a previous beach holiday that is in a jar somewhere being ignored!  Perhaps you have something other than sand that you would like to keep close to your heart i.e. soil, precious stone chips (must be no bigger than 2mm), a deceased loved one or pets ashes.  Would you like to be able to wear your special matter as a constant reminder of that amazing beach, loved one, place or pet?  We can make that too :)
Simply send us your sand (or other matter) including a note telling us what ring shape you require and we will fill the ring and return it to you.  We can make as many as you require.

To do this,  place your special matter in a zip lock sandwich bag and then place another zip lock sandwich bag over that for extra protection.  If it weighs less than 500g send in a 500g Australia Post satchel and if it weighs more use a 3kg Australia Post satchel.

Send to:-
Pure Sands Australia
18 Dun Street

Tewantin  QLD  4565

To pay us for this service please pay $69.95 to account

Pure Sands

ANZ Bank

BSB - 014706  AC 414472876

Remember that a portion of the money you spend is used to keep our oceans and beaches healthy and to get plastics out of our oceans.

Have some questions?

Call us on 0407 620 539 or email