Keeping a deceased loved one close

Recently we have been asked by a few customers if we could place ashes of a deceased loved one into our heart shaped ring.  This is something we thought might happen after we launched our business so were completely prepared for it.
Our customers have sent us a small portion of the ashes and we very carefully and respectfully place them into our heart dome (any shape can be used).  We then package it securely and send the completed piece back to the customer.
This is something you can wear as often or a little as you like.
We have noticed that not all ashes are alike, some are whiter than others and some more grey also, they are not soft they take on more of a sand appearance and texture. 
Below is a picture of what the ashes can look like and what they look like in a ring.
If this is something you are considering please feel free to reach out to us.  We would be more than happy to assist you.