Heart felt, fond memories

We get asked to create rings and pendants all the time for people wanting to carry their precious memories with them.

Some of the time we're asked by newly-weds to make rings or pendants for their bridesmaids or special guests that contain the sand from the beach they were married. It's a lovely gift and has special meaning for the people you love the most and who share that day and memory with you.

Sometimes it's a memory of a holiday they have had. They take a small handful of sand or pebbles from a place in the world that means something special to them and they send it to us to seal in glass and silver as a precious keepsake.

Quite often we're proudly entrusted with a tiny portion of ashes from a deceased loved pet or person to they can be held close by as a super precious memory.

Message us if you'd like something special done. contact@puresands.com.au