Heart Shaped Glass Ring


Designer: Pure Sands


Size 20mm*15mm*10mm

Enjoy the quality of a Noosa locally made, 925 Sterling Silver ring topped off with an eye-catching heart shaped toughened glass dome containing your preferred choice of sand colour or glass chips.

Our rings are filled with Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast locally sourced, responsibly acquired beach sands with or without silver or gold dipped glass chips. You'll not only have something unique and beautiful to wear but you can enjoy the memory of your time spent on the beach every time you glance at it.  It will definitely grab the attention of your friends. 

Each ring is fully sealed so it can be worn in the shower, on a rainy day or at the beach. 

The 925 Sterling Silver rings are adjustable so the ring will fit most fingers. You can also swap and change the finger you would like to wear it on.


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